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Our core team has experience of providing information governance, facilities management and information / soft asset management solutions to a range of organisations:

In addition to the deployment of our Information Asset Register (IAR) and GDPR Article 30 ROPA systems, recent client scenarios have included the creation of records retention schedules, undertaking document scanning projects and supporting office moves and changes.

There are very few scenarios for office workspace challenges and physical and digital records management that we have not seen before!

We are delighted to provide references in your business area. Please contact [email protected] to discuss.

Privacy Statement

We do not collect personal data via this website. We process prospect and customer data provided to us to facilitate routine contact and operational work.

Data is held securely and is subject to access controls.

Necessary customer data will be retained until the end of the relationship + 6 years for evidential purposes. Prospect data will be held for end until last regular contact + 2 years for reference in case the project recommences. Data within our scanning bureau will be held for the period instructed to us by the customer.

Customer data will only be shared where relevant for accounting purposes.

For any questions relating to our Data Protection policies and processes, please contact Reynold on the email above.