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Registered in England
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Document Scanning Bureau

We have a document scanning bureau located in Essex, serving London, the Home Counties and the South East.

Using the equipment and skills within our bureau we can convert your paper documents to electronic images, uploading them together with relevant metadata to a location or system of your choice. We also provide a cloud-based EDRM system.


Why choose us as a scanning bureau?
Fundamentally, because we care! Document management is our business. We take pride in looking after your documents whilst they are in our custody and in producing high quality images and data. We are also used to handling all kinds of jobs, large or small, complex or simple...all for a very competitive price!

Our services include:

Preparation of documents for scanning, including removing staples, unfolding documents, creating batches etc.

Scanning using equipment and techniques to produce high quality images from paper or microfilm, sizes from A4 and A3 up to A0

Indexing the documents with appropriate metadata for subsequent cross-referencing and retrieval (we can also OCR images)

Quality Control of the process to ensure legible images and accurate index data

Release of the images and data to a location or document management system of your choice via secure methods

Cloud-based document storage and retrieval system provided if required

File Reconstitution to original state provided if required

Transport in specialist, secure and tracked vehicles

Secure Shredding of documents following scanning if required

Archive Storage of documents in a state-of-the art facility after scanning if required

Please contact [email protected] to discuss