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Information Asset Register

We provide services and solutions for creating and maintaining an information asset inventory, including business events related to an asset, using our dedicated Information Asset Register software system rather than spreadsheets.

Informu has also launched their system for maintaining ROPA records under Article 30 of the GDPR - go to this link to create an account - you get 1 month of trial use - then pricing starts at just £50 per month for first user.

Information is a vital business asset for an organisation. Everything we do involves using information in some way. It is used to support and evidence our decisions, activity, communications, business performance, legal rights and obligations.

However, it is typically not recognised, valued and managed as an "asset" in same ways that for  buildings, plant, equipment, finances and human resources are. Some organisations will know more about the value of their filing cabinets and computers than they do about the information they contain!

Information (including underlying data sets) must therefore be catalogued and have business rules and controls applied based on company policy and the legal and regulatory environment in which you operate. Maintaining the register is of course an important part pf GDPR Compliance, including maintaining Record of Processing Activities for Article 30.  I have written more on the benefits of an Information Asset Register here. Lesley Holmes, Information Manager at Nottinghamshire County Council, has kindly commented that "this article should be mandatory reading for all C-suite inhabitants". I have also written another article on 25 Exciting things to do with an Information Asset Register here. Other articles include Designing an Information Audit here and Executing an Information Audit here, with Doug Laney of Gartner kindly commenting " these pieces are fantastic". Contact [email protected] to discuss.

Informu IAR My Assets view

We can provide the services to help you audit your physical and digital information assets to create the inventory.

Within our Information Asset Register software system you can establish a Business Classification Scheme, apply rules for retention periods, then tag your information assets to this scheme, with retention policies inherited. These assets could be applications and databases, electronic records, physical filing and backup tapes, computer equipment and mobile devices, books and magazines, audio and video materials etc. We also have the concept of asset collections that group together related sets of information.

Informu IAR Data Architecture

You can establish different asset types that have individual field templates based upon the nature of the asset.

Informu IAR examples of Asset Types

Our system will allow you to profile and report on assets based on their characteristics and their risks. You can record details such as their information type, ownership, location, format, security, criticality, source, activity, sharing, retention, risk status etc. You can specifically record and manage information-related issues and risks.

For GDPR you can understand the types of data subject for which data is held and processed, the types of personal data, processing conditions, source, sharing arrangements, retention policies, security controls etc.

You can also process "transactions" against assets to ensure an ongoing audit trail of business events for related to assets is maintained.

Informu IAR Asset Transactions

Within the NHS, our services and software can help you meet the requirements of NHS IG Toolkit standard 604. It can also be deployed as an ISO 27001 Asset Register and inventory system.

The system is essentially a framework for information asset management and can be configured to meet your needs. This includes the business classification scheme, retention policies, asset types, field names and lists, transaction types and reports.

Contact [email protected] to discuss options and pricing.

If you need help in determining information policies, procedures and retention rules (on a UK or international basis), we can also help.