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Informu Asset Management Platform

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The Informu Asset Management Platform is fundamentally a corporate "Database of Things", providing an alternative to using spreadsheets for cataloguing and managing your organisation's soft assets, be these information sets or facilities equipment. Two key use cases are explored below.

The system is provided on a cloud-hosted basis for an annual fee inclusive of licence to use for unlimited users, support and maintenance, which starts at £3,600 p.a. (Pricing varies depending on the type and size of your organisation.)

Information Assurance Register

In Information Governance, the acronym "IAR" is usually an abbreviation for Information Asset Register. At Informu, we propose that the asset inventory is just one component of a more wide-ranging "Information Assurance Register".

Within the system you can maintain the evidential history of your information use and governance practices over time, including:

  • Retention policy histories
  • Business process insights, including the Records of Processing Activities (ROPA)
  • Information asset / record series profiles and histories 
  • Software application utilisation
  • Equipment utilisation
  • Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIAs)
  • Governance documentation status and histories
  • Risk and incident status and histories
  • Information rights request summaries
  • Job descriptions
  • Contracts and agreements

Asset Types in Informu Information Assurance Register

Facilities Management Soft Asset Register

The Informu Asset Management System provides a hub for collating and managing data about the various soft assets across your workspaces and estate.

This can include an inventory of for example archive boxes and holdings, furniture, vehicles, IT, office, catering and safety equipment. If relevant to your organisation, you can also use the system to maintain a CCTV Camera Register, including storing a record of privacy  considerations and routine data disposals.

Asset Types in Informu FM Soft Asset Register


  • Up to 8 asset types
  • Collections to represent e.g. buildings / locations or GDPR ROPA activities
  • Management of retention / maintenance policies, review cycles and legal citations
  • Management of Business Classification Scheme for assets to inherit policies
  • Asset-level action histories of of business events such as destruction, system migrations, document scanning, data sharing, transfers to archive, asset maintenance etc.
  • Task management and optional approval workflows
  • Powerful search
  • Reporting, including export to Excel, Word or PDF
  • Role-based security
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